Build / CI (continuous integration) Engineer

Position location: (Time Zone): Remote/flexible.  Multiple time zones, 2 positions required to span Central European time zone, Eastern through Pacific North American time zones, and China time zone.


Matter is an application-layer connectivity standard for the connected home.  Matter is designed to be simple, ubiquitous, interoperable, secure, and reliable.  It has been broadly adopted by a wide spectrum of device makers and connected home ecosystems.

Matter SDK is the reference implementation of Matter protocols.  It is an open-source effort, hosted on GitHub under the Apache 2 license.  Member companies of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, contracted staff and open-source developers worldwide contribute daily to the SDK, with an average traffic of 100 pull requests merged per week. The SDK provides:

  • A platform-independent implementation of key Matter protocols – core protocols for commissioning, naming, advertising and resolution, secure session establishment, multiple ecosystem management, and data interaction protocols.
  • A reference implementation of application-specific schemas (clusters)
  • Storage and security bindings
  • Integration with a reference platform (embedded Linux on Raspberry Pi)
  • Embeddings into several leading embedded platforms and SDKs 

Key Responsibilities

  • Support software engineering teams spread across multiple time zones
  • Develop and maintain the build, deployment, and test automation systems and processes
  • Monitor and maintain the stability of the build and deployment systems and processes
  • Troubleshoot and resolve build and deployment issues
  • Integrate and configure tools for continuous integration and delivery
  • Ensure that builds are performed in a timely and efficient manner


  • Strong experience in software build and deployment automation
  • Strong experience with git, GitHub infrastructure and tools such as GitHub Actions
  • Knowledge of software development best practices, including version control, continuous integration, and deployment
  • Strong understanding of scripting languages such as Python, Bash, and/or JavaScript
  • Knowledge of virtualization and containerization technologies such as Docker

Submit your resume to [email protected]