CHS-888 Door Window Sensor

By LITE-ON Technology Corporation

CHS-888 Door/Window Sensor consists of a magnet that attaches to a door or window and a 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 standard wireless transceiver that attaches to the adjacent door or window frame. When the magnet is moved away from the transmitter, the Sensor will communicate intrusions to the Home security system and cause an alarm to sound if the security system is armed. It continually tests its battery voltage and notifies the control panel when they need to be changed.
1.2 Product Deliverable
 Sensor with embedded software
 Magnet
 Spacers for both Sensor and Magnet
 Double side adhesive
 Anchor and screw
 Battery, pre-installed
 Quick Installation Guide

Product Details

  • Firmware Version 0x00080512
  • Hardware Version 1
  • Certificate ID ZIG16011ZHA25735-24
  • Certified Date 02/01/2016
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No