Danfoss Icon Zigbee Module

By Danfoss A/S

Danfoss Icon is a modular control system for water based floor heating / cooling applications.
The system is easy to commission and features TÜV certified Auto. Balancing function which will distribute flow optimally in the system based on heat demand.
The thermostats are available as wireless or wired 24V versions, and the touch User Interface fades away when the thermostats are not in use and make the thermostat blend into the surroundings.
In-wall 24V wired thermostats are compatible with 3rd party frames so you can match the thermostat to your light switches.

The system is expandable and by adding modules you can add functionality.
– Demand based supply temperature control.
– Cooling applications.
– Zigbee module (Zigbee 3.0 certified) to enable integration into 3rd party systems.
– Radio module to enable use of wireless thermostats.

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Product Details

  • SKU Danfoss Icon Zigbee Module
  • Firmware Version 02.06
  • Hardware Version 01.00
  • Certificate ID ZIG20043ZB330536-24
  • Certified Date 02/19/2020
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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