EM35x Development Kit

By Silicon Labs

Ember�۪s Development Kits are an integral part of the Ember InSight Development Environment, the premier embedded ZigBee wireless networking development platform, consisting of software and hardware tools that are the most comprehensive tools available for ZigBee product development. The foundation of these tools is the remote network monitoring and debugging capabilities built into every element of the development environment, starting with Ember chips, which have designed in a unique packet trace capability allowing every node in an Ember development network to report time-stamped radio traffic, API activity and application printfs across an Ethernet LAN to a centralised PC-based software package ��� InSight Desktop ��� which analyses and filters the data for presentation to the user. This not only eliminates the need for separate ���sniffer�۪ nodes and expensive sniffer software, but delivers much more accurate and chronologically synchronised information from a more widely dispersed network than might normally be supported by traditional tools. By making use of the LAN infrastructure already present in most offices, developers can build quite large and dispersed development and test networks, which they can monitor and control from a central location. Ember InSight Development Kits provide all the basic tools needed to start building these development and test networks. A key component is the InSight Adapter (ISA or ISA3), which provides connectivity across an Ethernet LAN to nodes in the developer�۪s network, allowing remote programming and collection of time-synchronised packet, API and application information from many nodes at once. InSight Desktop, the key software tool provided with all Ember Development Kits, also includes Ember�۪s AppBuilder tool, which in conjunction with an application framework provided with the EmberZNet PRO stack libraries, enables customers to easily and quickly configure and build ZigBee Certifiable applications using ZigBee public application profiles such as Smart Energy (SE) and Home Automation (HA), as well as custom applications. These tools, combined with Ember�۪s market leading EmberZNet PRO software stack and Ember�۪s commitment to service, support and training, gives customers everything they need to create high performance, robust, scalable, ZigBee certifiable products in record time.