EMU-2 Energy Monitoring Unit

By Rainforest Automation, Inc.

EMU-2 presents real-time energy use, price and billing data, text messages, and other utility-mandated information, as communicated from a ZigBee�� linked smart meter. This type of instant feedback has been shown to be critical to providing a positive user experience, and increases participation and effectiveness in conservation programs. The EMU-2 user interface is simple: an up or down button scrolls the display through easy-to-understand display modes. No configuration, setup, or user instruction is required. EMU-2 displays the utility’s peak pricing status to the user via an intuitive traffic-light green/amber/red LED light configuration. The large backlit display allows users to view the screen in any environment. The battery backup allows electrical loads to be checked out on-the-spot. Batteries also allow the unit to communicate with the smart meter and get messages, even if the power is off. This is helpful for users on pre-paid metering plans that forgot to top-up their accounts. With its 2-way ZigBee wireless link to the smart meter, EMU-2 can support custom features such as pre-payment, opt-out, and data for water and gas usage.

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