Energy Bridge

By Insight Energy Ventures dba Powerley

The “Energy Bridge” functions as a ZigBee to TCP/IP gateway between an electricity consumer’s smart meter and in-home wireless network. The device connects to a wireless router via a Ethernet cable. Once connected and powered on the device will advertise a Bonjour service (http) for potential clients to discover. The main client we are supporting is our app. Once the bridge had joined the ZigBee Smart Energy network it begins recording “Current Summation Delivered” values, storing them every minute for up to 13 months. Clients can retrieve this data using the http service over the intervals they desire within the range of recorded data. Clients may also request “fast poll mode” and query the meter for “Instantaneous Demand” values. The following describes the ZigBee-related details relevant to the certification process. – ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1b – “In Premise Display” device type – Plugged in AC power and functioning as a ZigBee router – Clusters supported: – Client: Basic, Time, Simple Metering, Key Establishment – Server: Basic, Key Establishment,

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