iControl EM 1.0

By Comcast Cable Communications Management

The iControl Energy solution is an integral part of the iControl Broadband Home Management platform that also provides monitored home security, remote home monitoring, management and automation, and a host of other features that keep consumers connected to their home, family and property. The ZigBee certified energy solution consists of a Wi-Fi gateway and a Wi-Fi enabled in-premise display that not only provides the end user one-touch control of lights, thermostats, door locks, video cameras and the security system, but also communicates with the smart meter to obtain smart meter information and utility pricing/messaging. By having access to this smart meter information, end users that have the iControl energy management solution are able to better understand their energy usage patterns, and make smarter decisions on how to effectively managing their usage.

Product Details

  • SKU HS101ADT
  • Firmware Version EM 1.0
  • Hardware Version EM 1.0
  • Certificate ID ZIG12072ZSE26221-24
  • Certified Date 07/25/2012
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No