IP-Enabled Cellular IHD

By Itron, Inc.

SmartSynch enables utilities to communicate with any device on the grid by delivering two-way, real-time energy usage data over cellular networks. Only SmartSynch offers true end-to-end, IP (Internet Protocol) based solutions capable of delivering grid intelligence to and from any device. The GridRouter is a WAN enabled Smartbox that has a ZigBee option. The Smartsynch enabled IP-Enabled Cellular IHD enables the GridRouter to be a ZigBee client. As a ZigBee client, the GridRouter can collect information from other ZigBee devices including ZigBee enabled Smart Meters. This information can be delivered to non-ZigBee devices including Wifi enabled PCTs, application hosted on the Linux based GridRouter, or to a web based application via the WAN connection.

Product Details

  • SKU 55P-UCMZB-001
  • Firmware Version 51.00.01
  • Hardware Version 540-000040R rev 3
  • Certificate ID ZIG11119ZSE26147-24
  • Certified Date 02/12/2012
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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