Kinetis MKW21D256VHA5

By NXP Semiconductors Netherlands B.V.

The Freescale Kinetis KW2x wireless MCUs offer unmatched performance with the integration of a class leading IEEE 802.15.4 RF transceiver with an ARM�� Cortex��-M4 core. The KW2x platform is ideal for a broad range of applications including smart energy, home/building automation and home entertainment. KW2x provides the following robust feature set for reliable, secure and low-power wireless solutions: �ۢ Industry leading amount of on-board memory of up to 512KB Flash and 64KB of RAM �ۢ Best in class link budget provides greater transmission and reception range �ۢ Antenna diversity ensures reliable transmission in interference prone environments �ۢ MCU and RF low power modes significantly reduce system power requirements for increased battery life �ۢ Cryptographic Accelerated Unit provides hardware assisted security, message digest, and random number generation functions �ۢ Secure Flash and Tamper Detect functionality �ۢ Optimized modes for Flash wear-leveling with optional hardware assisted FlexNVM facilitate scaling of persistent node information tables for large networks �ۢ Innovative DualPAN radio functionality for participation in multiple networks with fast channel switching �ۢ Advanced buffering capability for indirect transmissions providing minimum-turnaround TX-acknowledge frames for data polling �ۢ Active promiscuous and bit-streaming modes �ۢ Optional on-chip USB connectivity �ۢ Flexible development tools and boards integrated with the Freescale Tower System �ۢ Comprehensive full-featured BeeStack ZigBee PRO mesh-routing network software, ZigBee Cluster Library, and certification-ready sample profile applications �ۢ Software APIs and reference implementations for serial host interfacing and Over-the-Air (OTA) updates

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Product Details

  • Firmware Version BeeStack 4.0
  • Hardware Version MKW21D256VHA5
  • Certificate ID ZIG13045ZCP26880-24
  • Certified Date 12/06/2013
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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