Wired and radio, dim your lighting circuits up to 300W without constraints using one or more wired controls and/or Zigbee remote control.

MTV300-UP works with push buttons, switches, is centralizable by pilot wire and/or Zigbee radio.

Supports management of multiple variation levels, recallable by pressing shortly on them: press once for 100% illumination, twice to recall the last brightness level, three times for 50% illumination, four times to recall the minimum brightness level (preset).
The “soft start / soft stop” function limits the inrush current when switching on the light load, thus increasing the life of the lamp and buttons.
Turns off if forgotten: The device can be programmed to automatically turn off after a period from 2 seconds to 4 hours.
Deaf and hard of hearing application allowing you to use the lighting to provide a visual notification (eg: when someone rings the doorbell, the lamp flashes).
Can be programmed to operate as a simple toggle relay.

The module has 2 types of built-in electronic protection: against short-circuit on the load (with automatic reset after fault clearance) and against overheating. It is also immune to network disturbances up to 1.5 kV.

Interoperable with Zigbee 3.0 products.

250m in open field with sight and without obstacles.