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The NXP JN516x-EK001 evaluation kit is specifically designed for use with the NXP JN516x series, a range of ultra-low-power, high-performance wireless microcontrollers suitable for JenNet-IP, RF4CE remote control, and ZigBee applications. This comprehensive kit, which includes a series of wireless carrier boards, plug-in expansion boards, USB dongles, a remote control, a specially programmed Cisco router, and a complete software design kit, provides everything necessary for system development

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Product Details

  • SKU NXP JN-AN-1135 IPD
  • Firmware Version 10198
  • Hardware Version DR1201 1v1 on DR1174 1v3
  • Certificate ID ZIG13054ZSE12311-24
  • Certified Date 08/15/2013
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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