NXP SE 1.2b Electricity Meter

By NXP Semiconductors Netherlands B.V.

The Electricity Meter node is a permanently powered device that acts as a router once it has joined the network. The EM (Electricity Meter) node/device maintains a Simple Metering server with a simulated load, which the IPD can then query.

Product Details

  • Firmware Version NXP_LPC_SE_HOST_SDKv1.70 svn 76223 (host) / NXP_LPC_SE_HOST_SDKv1.70 svn 75582 (radio)
  • Hardware Version Keil MCB1857v1.3/DR1227 1v0/JN516x
  • Certificate ID ZIG16023ZSE12458-24
  • Certified Date 06/07/2016
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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