SMARTWIZ+ Controller

By Disign Incorporated

Smart speakers are likely to be the quintessential Smart Home controllers. However, as Smart Homes become more widespread in the near future, homes will be filled with numerous smart devices, each with unique names, potentially leading to confusion when trying to control them all. Our product, the Matter Controller, provides a user interface for comfortably operating these devices through hand gestures and direct touch panel controls. The Hand Gesture UI consists of natural movements that don’t require memorization and are composed of simple expressions. This controller is also accessible to individuals with speech impairments, such as those who are hearing impaired.

We have implemented these software components into a mirror, a common household item. This integration allows the Matter Controller to blend seamlessly into the living environment, enabling users to comfortably control their devices with hand gestures and touch panel interactions.

Product Details

  • Firmware Version CD-V1.2.0.0-1.0.0
  • Hardware Version V1.0.0
  • Certificate ID CSA24039SWC60156-M3
  • Certified Date 07/05/2024
  • Vendor ID 0X1412
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No