By Daintree Networks, Inc.

The Wireless Fixture Adapter with Open Source firmware (WFA100-OS) contains lighting control firmware being released by Daintree Networks as open source firmware for ballast and driver manufacturers to quickly bring ZigBee products to market. In addition to containing the necessary messages and clusters for commercial/industrial lighting controls, it also ensures that the device can be easily commissioned and operate reliably on large scale wireless networks. This certified firmware provides a great starting point for companies looking to provide standards-based products and simplify future certification efforts. This firmware can be downloaded from The WFA100 is the target hardware used to certify this firmware. Available commercially, Daintree Networks�۪ WFA100 Wireless Fixture Adapter is a control component within Daintree�۪s ControlScope��� wireless lighting control solution, and is used to enable wireless control of individual luminaires. The WFA100 is a cost-effective wireless control solution, providing ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming control of ballasts and LED drivers. Its compact form factor provides for simple installation and makes it an extremely versatile solution for a wide range of fixture types and sizes. The integrated standard ZigBee radio ensures high performance and scalability and ensures the WFA100 operates seamlessly with other standard ZigBee wireless products to enable advanced lighting controls, from scheduling and occupancy control to daylighting, task tuning and more. Optionally it can also adapt low voltage occupancy and photo sensors to enable these devices to be controlled wirelessly.

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