HDC Labs

The HDC Labs is an AIoT Platform company, also its identity will be a ‘space AIoT platform provider’. HDC-IControls was ab eco-friendly construction IT specialist that has been leading the curring-edge business environment and housing culture by proposing the beest IT solutions. And it was established in 1999 by HDC Hyundai Development group. Its major products are divided with 4 categories(Smart Home solution / Intelligent Building System / SOC / Mechanical & Electrical). It performed IPO in 2015 and was listed on the Korea stock market, KOSPI. HDC I-Controls was merging progress with HDC I-service, a real-estate platform company, and became ‘HDC Labs’ at the end of 2021. Through the merger of the two companies, HDC LABS plans to improve its structure as high value-added business through portfolio diversification and actively seek out a new business that utilizes special data.

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