Inspur Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Inspur is an infrastructure manufacturer and cloud computing provider. As a subsidiary, Inspur Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to cloud-network integration technology and 5G cloud-based network infrastructure products. In terms of standardization, the company is a member of many standard organizations such as ITU-T, TM Forum, 3GPP, CCSA, IMT-2020, 6GANA, OLA, etc., and has been tracking 3GPP Release 17/Release 18 standards and technological progress for a long time. Inspur also lead and participate the compilation work of domestic and international communication technology standards in different territories such as smart city operations, 5G networks and cloud computing. At the same time, Inspur actively explored digitization and next-generation communication technologies, has published an operation-as-a-service white paper in 2021 in the TM Fourm International Standards Organization.

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