LEEDARSON IoT Technology Inc.

LEEDARSON aims to become one of the largest lighting and IoT suppliers in the world. This success builds on our competitive core team. LEEDARSON’s core team with full experience and expertise in industry – the powerful R&D team drive them to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, the innovative ID team committed to providing customers with excellent product design, the vertically integrated supply chain can fast response the customer demands and realize the fast delivery, a large-scale production base with fully-automated facilities and strictly quality control system, make sure always the best-quality products for customers. The IoT is positioned to change the way in which we interact with, and control lighting systems. LEEDARSON excels in smart connected lighting, gateways, sensors, controllers and accessories. Our goal is to maximize the penetration of IoT enabled lamps and luminaires to develop a global LEEDARSON IoT ecosystem, finally the total solution of smart home, smart commercial space and smart industry lighting. Group LEEDARSON is all of us – nationality and location have no relevance – we are a global partner.

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