Mayflower Complete Lighting Control systems represent the 21st Century solution for management of highway lighting and illuminated equipment, its Central Management System (CMS) provides remote control, monitoring and energy measurement of street lighting over a wireless network (ZigBeeGPRS). The functionality of the system allows Town and City Managers the ability to monitor and report faults automatically, control switching and vary light output as well as manage energy consumption. Mayflower, a proven CMS system, is involved in some of the biggest street lighting projects in the UK. Mayflower has recently celebrated its 290,000th CMS node installation in the UK with its biggest project totaling 170,000 nodes in full operation across the City of Southampton and the County of Hampshire. These clients now have a ‘Smart City’ network ready for future smart city applications. Mayflowers ambition now extends to other regions outside the UK including the US and Australia.