NGSTB Company Limited

With more than 20 years of experience, NGSTB brings together all the skills required for the design, production and supply of products for the ODM 4.0 world. One product focus is the production of IoT hardware, such as Zigbee 3.0 sensors. NGSTB’s holistic view ensures that customers receive everything from a single source. This also includes all necessary compliance requirements. In order to achieve an international quality level on the latest standards and to be a leader in this field, NGSTB has concentrated its investments in the past years on computer and robotics based production in addition to product development. The result is visible in the product quality in production, which is accompanied by unique quality assurance methods in many areas of manufacturing. ODM 4.0 is a new benchmark for industrial production in the ODM or OEM industry. NGSTB can already deliver ODM 4.0 Hardware in Mass-Production as the initiator of this claim of exceptional production quality.

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