Shenzhen Feibit Electronic Technology Co. LTD – 深圳市飞比电子科技有限公司

Shenzhen Feibi Electronic Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2010, focuses on the research and development and management of low-power IoT chips and solutions. It is a member of CSA International Alliance "standard participant", a national high-tech enterprise, and a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shenzhen.   The company has developed the zigbee3.0 communication protocol stack with independent property rights, and launched three generations of domestic zigbee&ble chips to expand the demand for smart home, smart lighting, green energy saving and industrial interconnection. For the application of electrical lighting, security sensing, intelligent lock and curtain motor and other industry segments, the company has launched standard modules, and provides a series of development platforms, such as equipment firmware and SDK, Matter edge gateway and SDK, device cloud plug-in, to facilitate the rapid software docking and hardware mass production of brands, hardware manufacturers and AIoT platforms. Build an "interconnected" intelligent product ecosystem with customers, and embrace the era of the Internet of everything!

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