StroyEnergoKom, Ltd.

StroyEnergoKom Ltd. is a leading Russian engineering company specializing in providing a full range of technological and construction engineering services at the facilities of the energy complex of the Russian Federation. The company was founded in 2009, StroyEnergoKom has its own manufacture that produces various products including M2M Energy and RF Network modems and gateways. M2M Energy product line includes Zigbee OEM modules, Zigbee RS-485 adapters, Zigbee pulse counters and NB-IoT pulse counters. RF Network gateway product line includes ZigBee/GpRS/3G gateways, ZigBee/LTE gateways, ZigBee/RF433/RF868 gateways and ZigBee/NB-IoT gateways. Our products are widely used in the areas of control and automation for electricity distribution networks, home automation, industrial automation and light management. For the last 5 years we have produced and installed more than 1 million Zigbee modems.