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Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. (TWM) is a leading telecom operator providing mobile, fixed-line, cable TV and broadband services. As a forerunner in digital innovation, TWM is repositioning itself as a next-gen technology company that lead the next revolution in sectors of telecommunications, Internet, media & entertainment, and E-commerce (T.I.M.E.) by implementing “6C” strategies—Coverage, Convergence, Content, Channel, Cloud, and CSR. As the 5G communications era has dawned, Taiwan Mobile officially launched 5G Services at July 1, 2020. It also launched the rebranding initiative to reinvent itself into a company advocating the brand spirit of “Open Possible.” TWM will propel its transformation into a regional enterprise by following the 5“G”+ guidelines —Gift, Group, Grit, Green, and GSEA, that is, TWM will leverage its in-house big data and massive user base (Gift), create more synergy with momo, AppWorks, Kbro, and the Fubon Group (Group), with sustainability in mind (Green), over a 10-to-15-year time horizon(Grit), to expand footholds in Southeast Asia (GESA). Harnessing the Power of Connectivity and Technology Founded on February 25, 1997, Taiwan Mobile obtained a GSM operator license in the same year. It later became the first private telecom company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the first to introduce WCDMA 3G mobile services. After acquiring Taiwan Fixed Network (TFN) and Taiwan Telecommunication Network Services (TTN) in 2007, TWM emerged as Taiwan’s second-largest network service provider. In 2013, TWM secured a 4G license, making it the largest telecom carrier by spectrum holdings as Taiwan entered the 4G era in the following year. In the wake of 4G launch, TWM harnessed the power of 4G technology to pioneer such innovative applications as instant messaging app M+ , cloud video store myVideo, shopping app myfone, cloud bookstore myBook, online music outlet MyMusic, mobile, sports information app mySports, and mobile payment app Wali. On the enterprise side, in addition to providing businesses with one-stop packages of telecom service, cloud computing and integrated solutions, TWM inaugurated an NT$5-billion cloud data center in 2013 that was later certified by both the EuroCloud Star Audit and Cloud Security Alliance. As further proof of solid groundwork it has laid in cloud computing and energy-efficient infrastructure, the data center was awarded with Tier III certification for management and operations practices by the Uptime Institute in 2016. As for the home broadband services, TWM has brought together the resource and capabilities of its fix-line business and its cable TV network to deliver to home high-speed broadband internet, TV and mobile services accessible on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, TVs, tablets and computers. Leading the Way in Corporate Social Responsibility in Telco While TWM has retained its top position as the most profitable telecom in Taiwan, it also prides itself on shining in its CSR efforts. Ever since it joined the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in 2016, it has worked with ICT companies and organizations worldwide to achieve sustainability objectives. It further launched the project "Zetta Connected 2030" aligning with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the next year. Its strong CSR performance has made TWM selected for inclusion in the 2019 DJSI World for the 3rd year and rank first in the global telecom industry in 2018. Adhering to its overarching principle of “Think Sustainably, Act Responsibly”, TWM took the initiative to call for cooperation with telecom peers on 5G rollout plans, and successfully lobbied the administration to set up a cooperation framework under The Telecommunications Management Act, which is in the best interests of Taiwan. Driving Business Innovations through Collaborations With the combined powerful features of IoT, LTE, cloud and AI set to unleash growth and new opportunities, TWM aggressively develops the related applications and builds compelling use cases, including smart city, smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart stadium, smart agriculture and smart healthcare. In 2018, TWM reached an important milestone as it joined forces with local industry heavyweights to build the next-gen AI computing platform, “Taiwania 2”. In 2019, it brought out the B2C IoT product myAir, the portable PM2.5 detector. The advent of 5G will fuel business model innovation across various sectors. TWM therefore aims to bring a vertically integrated 5G-type of solution to end customers and users by cross-sector collaborations and partnerships. In 2019, it built Taiwan’s largest smart ecosystem“5G Super League” with nearly 100 domestic and foreign high-tech business operators and later invested in the VC fund managed by AppWorks, the leading startup accelerator as well as one of the most active early-stage VCs in Greater Southeast Asia. Taiwan Mobile is committed to offering enhanced customer experiences and improving people’s life with technology. Thus, looking ahead, TWM will further advance 5G technology and applications by leveraging thriving ecosystems, and meantime continue the healthy momentum of its subsidiary momo, the e-commerce giant. TWM is accelerating its business transformation while keeping its sustainability promises to help shape a brighter future.

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