WoodSwallow S.L.

We are a technology company with a global vision dedicated to the design of embedded systems and IoT (Internet of Things) products. We have more than 17 years of experience in the design of hardware and software for embedded systems, as well as in their development, testing, support and maintenance. We have carried out large and complex projects at international level for multinationals in the Energy (Smart Metering), Electric Mobility and Telecommunications sectors. Our headquarters are located in Seville (Spain), from where more than 90% of the team operates. We also have a sales office in London, UK, which allows us to be closer to our clients and connects us with a strategic market for the company. We believe that technology only has real value if it improves people’s lives, which is why we seek to contribute with our experience and knowledge to projects whose ultimate goal is to make people’s lives easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. Our team is formed by a dynamic, creative and ambitious group of engineers who are passionate about their work. We are already close to 50 people in the team, and growing!

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