Z-Wave Europe GmbH (Aeotec Group)

Z-Wave Europe has been a pioneer in the world of a wireless Smart Home since 2008. Starting as one of the first companies developing and distributing Smart Home devices, our company has taken its place as one of the leading Value Added Distributors for RF based Homeautomation devices in Europe. In 2013 our company successfully acquired the brand POPP & Co. Combining our experience and German engineering we developed a wide range of pioneering products like the first energy-self-sufficient weather station. In 2019 Z-Wave Europe, POPP & Co. and Aeotec grouped to form one venture. In 2020 we started a cooperation with the Samsung Electronics subsidiary “SmartThings”, the industry leader in IoT technology and home connectivity. The open platform brings devices, developers and services together to create one of the largest ecosystems based on Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi.

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