After Two Decades, The Connectivity Standards Alliance Continues to Deliver Open, Global  IoT Standards, Enabling Connected Devices Everywhere 

What began in 2002 as the Zigbee Alliance with 15 companies and a vision to change the Internet of  Things (IoT) is now a catalyst for global growth, with 500 companies devoting their time and talent to  deliver simple, secure, and reliable connectivity and interoperability. 

DAVIS, California – The Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization consisting of hundreds of  companies that create, maintain, and deliver open global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT),  today celebrates 20 years of innovation and collaboration – driving the next generation of home and  commercial network connectivity forward.  

“The secret to success for our members has been creating the right environment where companies,  both large and small, can work side-by-side with an equal voice and energy to address the barriers to  interoperability and growth in the IoT,” said Tobin Richardson, President, and CEO of the Alliance. “What  began as cutting edge work to create Zigbee, our reliable mesh networking standard, has expanded to  include our latest IoT standard Matter. This is joined by industry leading efforts in Data Model  development, Access Control, and creating strong Product Security. The Alliance’s growth and reach  reflects a holistic approach to solving the challenges of an ever-evolving IoT.” 

As a global standards organization, our key measures of success are adoption, certification, and the use  of the standards created. In 2021, our membership grew by 38%, with members evenly distributed  across the Americas, EMEA, and China/Asia Pacific regions. Year-to-date in 2022, another 60 companies  have chosen to participate in Alliance work and adopt Alliance standards. In-market use shows there are  currently more than 4,500 products and platforms that have been certified by the Alliance, with millions  of Zigbee-capable devices in the market today. This positive trajectory will continue with Zigbee and with Matter, where according to ABI Research, within five years more than half of the world’s key smart  home devices will ship supporting Matter*. 

“Alliance standards have been invaluable to the growth of smart homes and buildings, enabling reliable  mesh networking and low-power solutions, with Zigbee Green Power, to reduce customers’ and  consumers’ carbon footprint. Now, we are driving what’s next in IP-based interoperability and IoT  security,” said Bruno Vulcano, Head of R&D at Legrand and Chair of the Alliance Board of Directors.  “Over 20 years, we’ve had a positive environmental impact on our planet. Our impact has now even  traveled beyond the bounds of earth’s gravity with NASA using Zigbee technology for communication  between the Mars rover and its companion drone.” 

Looking ahead at the next two decades, the Alliance will continue its mission to simplify and harmonize  the IoT by creating standards and brands of trust for the industry and consumers alike. This fall, the  Alliance is slated to formally introduce its latest standard, Matter, a common language and IP-based  protocol for the IoT. Products incorporating the Matter standard will feature a unique logo, signifying  interoperability with certified Matter products from any manufacturer.  

About the Connectivity Standards Alliance 

The Connectivity Standards Alliance, formerly the Zigbee Alliance, is the foundation and future of the  Internet of Things (IoT). Established in 2002, its wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create  and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work and play. With its Members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT  solutions the Alliance is leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.  

The Connectivity Standards Alliance board of directors is comprised of executives from Amazon, Apple, ASSA ABLOY, Comcast, Google, Huawei, IKEA, Infineon Technologies AG, The Kroger Co., LEEDARSON, Legrand, Lutron Electronics, NXP Semiconductors, OPPO, Resideo, Schneider Electric, Signify (formerly  Philips Lighting), Silicon Labs, SmartThings, Somfy, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Tuya, and Wulian.  

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*ABI Research Press Release: “Matter and its Smart Home Impact” application analysis report.