The Alliance Interviews Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart

The Zigbee Alliance welcomed Tuya Smart to its Board of Directors in June 2020. Tuya has been an active member of the Alliance since 2018. Upon joining the Alliance, Tuya has worked to drive interoperability and accelerate adoption of Zigbee technology and most recently to promote the newest Alliance initiative, Project Connected Home over IP.

Recently, Tobin Richardson, Zigbee Alliance CEO, virtually connected across the globe with Tuya’s Co-Founder, COO and Alliance Board Member Alex Yang. In this interview, Yang discusses Tuya’s involvement with the Alliance and shares his insight on Smart Home market trends, Tuya’s roadmap and the company’s involvement with both Zigbee and Project Connected Home over IP technologies.

Also discussed is what Tuya is doing with regard to security in this rapidly growing space and the future vision for the IoT.

Zigbee Alliance and Tuya Interview

About Tuya

As one of the world’s leading IoT platform and service providers, Tuya helps consumer electronics brands add IoT control and connectivity to virtually any electronic device for smart control and monitoring. With headquarters around the globe in the U.S., Germany, India, Japan, Colombia and China, Tuya offers international reach to co-create smart home security, lighting, healthcare products using Tuya’s cloud, connectivity and mobile application services.

Collaboration Continues

Learn more about the Zigbee Certification Transfer Program on a joint webinar with the Zigbee Alliance and Tuya Smart on December 9th at 8am PT.