China Smart Home Leaders Commit to Connected Home over IP

At CES 2020, representatives from LEEDARSON, Wulian, Yunding, and Lumi United came together to sign an agreement solidifying their participation in Project Connected Home over IP. The following is the statement that was signed by the participating companies. With the official kick-off of the Project Connected Home over IP Work Group in January, having the China Member’s support and involvement makes the project a truly global effort and will help ensure an interoperable future.

联 合 声 明

Joint Statement

近期亚马逊、苹果公司、谷歌和Zigbee联盟宣布共同成立新工作组Project Connected Home over IP(互联家居项目),开发和推广免专利费的新连接协议,以提升智能家居生态之间的兼容性。

Recently, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Zigbee Alliance announced the formation of a new working group, Project Connected Home over IP, that plans to develop and promote the adoption of a new, royalty-free connectivity standard to increase compatibility among smart home products.  

Zigbee联盟制定的Zigbee 3.0标准是开放、多芯片平台、多厂家的物联网设备互操作标准,被全球多个生态圈采用,在世界各地部署了5亿多个设备,以实践验证了其稳定、成熟和互操作的特性。而脱胎于Zigbee应用层协议Zigbee Cluster Library的Dotdot标准将成为互联家居项目工作组所开发新技术的一个组成部分。该工作组意在打造跨生态圈的的互操作应用标准,加以利用Zigbee联盟设备间完整的互操作解决方案和来自亚马逊、苹果公司和谷歌已经过市场检验的技术,从而带给消费者充分的信心:他们随心选择的设备不仅可以在家中正常工作,还能用任何喜欢的系统来进行配置和控制。这些大公司达成这一深层次的合作影响深远,必将造福消费者,大大促进整个智能家居和物联网的发展。

The Zigbee 3.0 standard developed by the Zigbee Alliance is an interoperable open standard for IoT devices across multiple platform vendors and manufacturers. It has been adopted by a number of leading ecosystems around the world; the more than 500 million devices deployed worldwide are a testament to its robustness, maturity, and interoperability. Dotdot, which is derived from Zigbee’s application layer and also known as the Zigbee Cluster Library, is one of the contributions to Project Connected Home over IP. The Working Group intends to develop a meaningful interoperable application standard across ecosystem platforms, taking advantage of the Zigbee Alliance’s complete solution for device-to-device interoperability, as well as other market-tested technologies from Amazon, Apple, and Google, so as to provide consumers with the confidence that their device of choice will work in their home and that they will be able to setup and control it with their preferred system. This level of collaboration among these companies will undoubtedly have far-reaching effects, benefiting consumers and greatly promoting the development of the smart home industry, as well as the IoT.


Since its inception, the Zigbee Alliance has encouraged members from Europe, the United States, and China to work together to develop the technologies and standards for the future of the Internet of Things. The Alliance also encourages members to implement and promote the standards on all continents.

中国的智能家居市场一直积极拥抱Zigbee技术,同时中国市场也有其独特的要求和发展路径。作为深耕于中国市场的Zigbee联盟董事会成员和领先智能家居设备生产商代表,我们对家庭物联网的未来抱有相同的愿景,我们特此公开承诺支持并将积极参与互联家居项目工作组的工作,陆续推出使用Zigbee 3.0的产品和应用,并在后续支持互联家居项目工作组的标准,持续推进通向更具互操作性

China’s smart home market, which has its unique requirements and development paths, has been actively embracing Zigbee. As members of the board of directors of the Zigbee Alliance and leading smart home device manufacturers who are deeply rooted in the Chinese market, we share the same vision for the future of the smart home; hence, we declare our full support and participation to Project Connected Home over IP, continue to launch Zigbee 3.0  products and applications, and implement the new technology by Project Connected Home over IP, so as to advance to a more interoperable world and deliver better smart home experiences to consumers.

Signed by:
立达信物联科技股份有限公司/Leedarson, 南京物联传感技术有限公司/Wulian, 云丁网络技术(北京)有限公司/Yunding, and 深圳绿米联创科技有限公司/Lumi United

2020年1月9日   January 9, 2020