Collaboration brings Zigbee to DALI Gateway to the IoT

This month the DALI Alliance published the Zigbee to DALI Gateway specification. This specification will help stakeholders realize the benefits of a combined wired DALI lighting-control system with wireless Zigbee networks. Many Zigbee Alliance members who are active in the lighting-control space, especially those with a commercial focus, will now be able to broaden their lighting development and deliver expanded, interoperable lighting solutions. 

The Zigbee to DALI gateway will seamlessly:

  • Enable communication of the D4i data (diagnostic, assets, etc.)
  • Ensure consistent execution of light control commands for the user
  • Create mapping specifications and representations of the luminaire internal structure (driver, sensors, nodes)

With the publication of this new specification, our members sat down in a virtual interview to discuss its development and the use cases a Zigbee to DALI Gateway will enable. In this interview, our Zigbee Marketing and Product Sub-Group Chair Genie Peshkova (DSR Corporation) speaks with Alliance Board Director, Bozena Erdmann (Signify) about the collaboration efforts, benefits, use cases, and next steps.

Erdmann explains how Zigbee, a market-proven, cost-effective, low power wireless technology, coupled with DALI, a widely used international standard and lighting protocol, expands wireless lighting solutions for the IoT market and optimizes existing development.

Erdmann dives into topics including luminaires and sensor use cases, interoperability between wired and wireless ecosystems, increased benefits for product developers and manufacturers and the next steps for the Zigbee-DALI collaboration. 

Listen to the interview:

Read more about the Zigbee to DALI Gateway through the recent press release.

About the Speakers

Bozena Erdmann, Signify
Alliance Vice-Chair of the Board, Chair Test & Certification Oversight Committee

A research scientist with a background in telecommunications and working experience with WLAN/WPAN technologies. Bozena’s interests extend into all aspects of development related to LR-WPAN, including new applications. Her specialities include: configuration/setup, user interaction, security, performance, optimization, and applications.

Genie Peshkova, DSR Corporation 
Zigbee Marketing and Product Sub-Group Chair

Genie has over 17 years of leadership experience in IT, along with a degree in Math and Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines. Together with DSR, an active member of the Zigbee Alliance for almost a decade, Genie has actively participated and led several marketing efforts within the Zigbee Marketing Product Group.  As VP of Operations at DSR Corporation, Genie is driving efforts for designing and delivering innovative market-ready software solutions using Wireless, Embedded, Full Stack, Mobile, Analytics, Blockchain, and Computer Vision technologies.