Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Zigbee Direct Feature in Development

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) is excited to announce its newest product feature currently under development – Zigbee Direct. This new feature brings together two market-proven technologies, Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy, to simplify the user experience. 

CSA is building the foundation and future of IoT, paving the way for a world of seamless interactions – one that transforms the way we live, work, and play. To advance this vision, the Alliance and its members continue to work on new technologies and features to address evolving markets needs.

Zigbee Direct allows users to seamlessly interact with their Zigbee networks using a smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled device. The Zigbee Direct feature simplifies the user experience in both commercial and home applications.

This enhanced user experience is one of the main drivers behind increased technology adoption; and the introduction of Zigbee Direct into new and existing Zigbee products helps broaden the market, reduce development and production costs, and simplify implementation.

Zigbee Direct’s Consumer Benefits 

Zigbee Direct leverages the ubiquitous and familiar Bluetooth Low Energy technology to foster the proliferation of Zigbee-based IoT products in the market by simplifying the commissioning process and control of devices. With Zigbee Direct, new and existing IoT users will experience the proven performance of Zigbee mesh networks and benefit from the breadth of Zigbee-supported applications, with the added convenience of commissioning and controlling Zigbee products from their existing Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as their smart phone or speaker. 

For new users, Zigbee Direct means reduced complexity when building your reliable Zigbee mesh network: start with only the Zigbee devices you need and a Bluetooth-enabled controller, and then expand your network in the future with fewer hubs. 

Zigbee Direct simplifies and also gives the user more control over the commissioning process for new devices onto the Zigbee network.

Users can also leverage existing systems that include Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smart speakers without Zigbee support, to add and control Zigbee products with voice.

Reasons for Using Zigbee Direct in Your Product/Ecosystem 

Whether you’re expanding your product offering for residential or commercial markets, Zigbee Direct provides the convenience of securely commissioning and controlling Zigbee products with a Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled device – without the need for investing the time, money, and resources into developing and producing additional hardware to ensure end users can use/interact with your products.

Companies that adopt Zigbee Direct technology will be able to: 

  • Improve the overall product experience and expand their addressable market – 
    Zigbee Direct brings together two widely-used technologies to make IoT more accessible for users and address emerging customer needs for convenience and automation. 
  • Simplify Design and Development with Established Technologies – 
    By combining two ubiquitous technologies in a standardized fashion, Zigbee Direct reduces the overall system complexity and time required to build solutions, through simplified design and development.
  • Ease the Device Commissioning Process – 
    Zigbee Direct ensures both new and experienced users can easily connect new products to their networks.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance is excited about the potential for Zigbee Direct to further enhance the user experience. By introducing the ubiquitous technology of Bluetooth Low Energy as an option for device control and commissioning, Zigbee networks will be more accessible to users and will offer device manufacturers and ecosystem providers more avenues for market adoption. 

50+ member companies are actively contributing to this feature development including:

Landis Gyr AGSecure Meters UK Ltd
Assa Abloy ABLeedarson Lighting Co LtdShenzhen FEIBIT Electronic Technology Co LTD
Signify Netherlands B V
BEGA Gantenbrink-Leuchten KGLumi United Technology Co LtdSilicon Labs
BOE Technology Group Co LtdMicrochip TechnologySmart DCC Ltd
Comcast Cable Communications ManagementMMB NetworksSomfy
Danfoss A SNodOnSTMicroelectronics SAS
DEKRANordic Semiconductor ASASystem Level Solutions Inc
DSR CorporationNXP Semiconductors Netherlands BVTexas Instruments
EDF RDON SemiconductorTUV Rheinland of North America
Element Materials Technology LtdOPPOUbilogix
EnOcean GmbHPanKore Integrated Circuit Technology Co Ltdubisys technologies GmbH
Exegin Technologies LtdPROFALUXUnderwriters Laboratories
Facebook IncQorvoUniversal Electronics
Huawei Technologies Co LtdResideo TechnologiesWistron NeWeb Corporation
IKEA of SwedenSalto SystemsXylem Inc
Infineon TechnologiesSamsung Electronics Co Ltd
Inspur Software Technology Co LtdSchlage Lock Company LLC
JiangXi Innotech TechnologySchneider Electric

The Zigbee Direct feature passed draft specification status and the certification program is under development. Follow Connectivity Standards Alliance latest updates through our social media channels and join the CSA to help shape the future of the IoT. If you are interested in using the Zigbee Direct technology or participating in the development of other features or standards that drive IoT, you must be a member. Join us today!