The Alliance Interview with ioXt Alliance CTO, Brad Ree

The IoT is rapidly growing and making an impact across most homes, buildings, cities and people around the globe. As the industry continues to connect and deliver intelligence to millions – and soon, billions – of things across the planet, consumers, manufacturers, ecosystems and standards organizations are asking important questions about security. What are we doing now and what can we be doing to ensure our experiences, devices and ecosystems are secure? How do we address critical requirements early and head on? As an IoT company where do we start?

In this interview, the Zigbee Alliance’s CEO Tobin Richardson sits down virtually with ioXt Alliance CTO, Brad Ree to discuss these questions, the challenges faced by the IoT industry, and the role the ioXt Alliance and the Zigbee Alliance play in building and supporting the growth of a secure and trusted IoT market.

Ree speaks to how the ioXt Alliance is opening up important conversations around security and facilitating much-needed industry alignment between manufacturers, ecosystems, retailers and network operators. He dives into topics including the ioXt Alliance certification program and security pledge, the importance of global security regulations, and how companies should be paying attention to security.

The two also discuss the collaboration and synergies between their organizations: both are members and liaison partners, they share a healthy cross-section of members that have an unwavering commitment to security when designing smart products, ecosystems and applications.

Listen to the interview:

To learn more about the ioXt’s mission and how to get involved visit their website.

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Speaker Backgrounds

Tobin Richardson, President and CEO, Zigbee Alliance

Tobin Richardson serves as President and CEO of the Zigbee Alliance, leading the Alliance’s efforts to develop and promote world-leading open, global standards for the Internet of Things. In this role, he works closely with the Alliance Board of Directors to set strategy and to advance the adoption of Alliance standards around the globe. Tobin has more than two decades of experience in executive leadership, strategy and development for technology firms and organizations. His experience spans large-scale technology implementations, new service and product rollouts, and transformational change in Fortune 500 companies and world-leading firms.

Brad Ree, CTO, ioXt

Brad Ree is Chief Technology Officer of ioXt. In this role, he leads ioXt’s security products supporting the ioXt Alliance. Brad holds over 25 patents and is the former security advisor chair for the Zigbee Alliance. He has developed communication systems for AT&T, General Electric, and Arris. Before joining ioXt, Brad was vice president of IoT security at Verimatrix, where he led the development of blockchain solutions for ecosystem operators. He is highly versed in many IoT protocols and their associated security models.