JupiterMesh Holds 5th Successful Interoperability Test Event

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March 23, 2017

JupiterMesh Holds 5th Successful Interoperability Test Event

Another successful event in a series of JupiterMesh interoperability activities was held in late February 2017. The event was conducted by international, industry-leading IoT experts and technology stakeholders, and included testing of the physical radio layer, the Media Access layer and the routing/network layer of the communication protocol stack.

JupiterMesh is the robust, low-power industrial IoT wireless mesh network with flexible data rates that provides neighborhood and field area communications for utilities and municipalities deploying intelligent grid and smart city solutions.

JupiterMesh has been created within the proven stakeholder consensus standards development process of the Zigbee Alliance. The JupiterMesh technical profile specification is built on open standards. These include advanced technologies such as IETF IPv6, 6LoWPAN, RPL and IEEE802.15.4 (multi-band and multi-PHY operation providing global coverage and flexibility). It also features advanced security measures such as authentication, encryption, and key management. JupiterMesh ensures interoperable multi-vendor network implementations that scale, are secure and are easy to manage.

The JupiterMesh working group has collectively invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to develop and test an interoperable specification for industrial IoT wireless mesh networks. The enhanced communications capabilities will provide utilities and IoT system providers with the features required to operate robust, high performance, secure networks across utilities and municipalities, said Rick Enns, Director of Technology, Trilliant Networks and Chairman of the JupiterMesh Marketing Working Group. This standard represents the next-generation of Field Area Networks that provide deterministic network sharing and spectrum management for smart cities, large-scale utility and IoT networks and applications that require high data rates and/or low latencies.

Companies and developers interested in participating in JupiterMesh development can join the Zigbee Alliance by visiting zigbee.org.

To learn more about the JupiterMesh solution, visit www.jupitermesh.org.

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