The Alliance Global Membership Continues to Grow and Support Interoperability Initiatives

The Alliance’s membership has continued to grow this year as companies from around the globe join to participate and contribute to Zigbee standards as well as the Project Connected Home over IP Working Group. From product manufacturers to service providers across both the Smart Home and Commercial spaces, this diverse group of companies all share the vision of an interoperable Internet of Things (IoT).

Some of the Alliance’s newest members explain why they joined and how they plan to contribute to the Alliance’s mission of creating, evolving, and promoting universal open standards that enable all objects to securely connect and interact.


As a global Software and IoT provider Essence has always believed in the holistic vision of ‘better life made possible.’ Participating in Project Connected Home over IP is important in strengthening and accelerating a global standard and will allow Essence to demonstrate new abilities across different segments over the next decade.

Ezlo Innovations

Our brand promise is to work with everything and being certified by Zigbee Alliance will help us increase compatibility for our customers. We joined the Alliance because the direction it’s taking toward broader connectivity options for consumers aligns closely with our vision for the industry. Joining the Zigbee Alliance reinforces our brand promise of connectivity that just works. We believe the user experience is paramount. Consumers should not have to worry about which products work with each other, and being an Alliance member will give our customers the confidence to know that our products have been given a stamp of approval by the industry.

Hangzhou Sky-Lighting

We joined the Zigbee Alliance because we are developing our products with Zigbee technology and we are excited to participate in the Certification Transfer program.

JD is a leading technology driven e-commerce company transforming to become a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider. The company has established one of China’s largest smart home IoT platforms, and developed JoyLink, an IoT protocol. A considerable number of partners in the JD ecosystem are members of the Zigbee Alliance, and a huge number of Zigbee devices have already been connected to JD’s IoT platform. In joining the Zigbee Alliance, JD will continue to collaborate with its ecosystem partners to establish a unified and secure IoT standard under which to provide users with high quality products and an unmatched experience. We have been steadily working on this goal and joined the Project CHIP effort to collaborate on this goal as well.

Midea Group

Joining the Alliance allows us to access to the Alliance’s update technology development, consultation and to participate in discussions with other members regarding Zigbee devolvement and other technical trends.


Weve been working on the Zigbee protocol for a long time and believe in this interoperable technology. We joined the Alliance to design Zigbee certified products for our customers (in white label and ODM/OEM). We will also launch our own range of Zigbee Green Power devices in 2021. We are very excited to participate in the creation of the Project CHIP protocol. We want our products to be interoperable with each other,  and various brands and gateways. Project CHIP is the answer to full interoperability in the smart home, and we are very excited to be able to participate in its creation. Our customers benefit from interoperable Zigbee certified products as they are part of a whole ecosystem. Our relay switches, smart plugs, battery-free controllers and sensors (using the Green Power feature) will be compatible with many home automation gateways, voice assistants and Zigbee products from other manufacturers.

OPPO Mobile

OPPO supports global open standards development, so joining the Zigbee Alliance is a logical step for us, and we look forward to the release of Project CHIP technology and commercially available products. We are most excited about the Project CHIP Working Group to develop the IoT technology required to build a truly interoperable IoT world. Our experts are currently focused on Project CHIP technical initiatives.


OTODO has developed an open platform enabling telecom operators to easily launch smart home services. We joined the Zigbee Alliance to be part of one of the largest design and certification groups in this field. The most exciting project is for sure the Project CHIP Working Group, in which OTODO brings stellar contributions from European telecom operators.


As one of the most popular Smart Home companies in Germany, RADEMACHER decided to join the Zigbee Alliance as we identified the Alliance as a powerful industry consortium and Zigbee as a widespread and multi-functional standard for the Smart Home. We see the Zigbee technology and the diversified product range of its members as an ideal complement to our existing RADEMACHER product portfolio and our open smart home offering – the HomePilot system. Membership gives us a wide range of opportunities to get in touch with other companies and product solutions. By joining the Zigbee Alliance we are keeping our customer promise of an ‘open and sustainable Smart Home system made by RADEMACHER’ and our HomePilot system will enter the next level of openness and sustainability.

Shenzhen Coolkit Technology

CoolKit, a global leading IoT solution provider, joined the Zigbee Alliance to help our manufacturer partners adopt the most cutting-edge Zigbee technology, and integrate into our Zigbee ecosystem in the most compliant manner.

Sichuan Changhong

We joined the Zigbee Alliance to make sure we can offer a standardized and certified product. Through the Zigbee Alliance certification program, we ensure interoperability with products from other manufacturers.

TIS control

We joined the Zigbee Alliance because the Alliance offers one standard protocol and all products with Zigbee can communicate together. We focus on Home Automation and we are looking to certify our Zigbee Gateway to our TIS protocol and server. The Zigbee Alliance provides a stable platform for many brands working under one application within the same protocol.

The Newest Members of the Zigbee Alliance:

North America

A.O. Smith, USA

Apple Inc, USA

Ayla Networks, USA

Belkin International Inc, USA

Card Access Engineering, LLC (CAE), USA

Copper Labs Inc, USA

Creston Electronics, USA

Cypress Semiconductor, USA

Doodle Labs (Nanoleaf), Canada

ecobee Inc., Canada

Ezlo Innovation LLC, USA

GE Lighting Inc, USA

Google LLC , USA

Infineon Technologies Americas, USA

iRobot Corporation, USA

Panasonic Beta, USA

San Juan Software Inc, USA


Espressif Systems Co., Ltd, China

Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd., China

Hangzhou Sky-Lighting Co., Ltd., China

Innotech Technology Co., China

JD (Beijing Wodong Tianjun Information Technology Co., Ltd.), China

LG Electronics, South Korea

MediaTek Inc., Taiwan

Mercator Pty Ltd, Australia

Midea Group, China

Ningbo SunpuLed Co., Ltd, China

Rafael Microelectronics, Taiwan

Shenzhen Coolkit Technology Co., Ltd., China

Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd, China

TIS Control, Hong Kong


7Hugs Lab (Sevenhugs), France

Briloner Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Cascoda Limited, U.K.

Hager Controls SAS, France


RADEMACHER Geraete-Elektonik GmbH, Germany

Yandex LLC, Russia

Middle East

Essence Group,  Israel

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