Wulian Highlights in CES Asia 2016

As a grand event in the consumer technology industry, CES Asia 2016 was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 11-13. Wulian showcased its latest smart home products and presented smart home solutions.With the themes œconnectivity, innovation and the Internet of Things, there were 15 product categories in CES Asia 2016, which showcased the innovations and achievements in the consumer technology industry of the Asian marketplace. With the increasing popularity in IoT and the related industries, smart home is not only limited to the young and the affluent, or the tech-savvy, more and more families and individuals can experience the changes brought by smart home, as Business Insider has projected that 24 billion IoT devices would be connected to the Internet by the year of 2020, and nearly $6 trillion would be spent on IoT solutions over the next five years. The potential growth in the industry also foreshadows immense market competitions and significant transformation in people™s way of living.Through technology accumulation of more than ten years, Wulian has been engaging in the smart home industry with more than 200 terminal devices, 55 invention patents and has also been granted with identification and marking requirements from different regions and countries. As a professional manufacturer for smart home products and solutions, Wulian is not only limited to home automation, but also with product categories in smart sensing, smart lighting, health monitoring, security guard and others to realize more intelligent functions and bring more comfort, ease and security to people™s life and increase family efficiency. With mature product system and technology support of big data and cloud computing, Wulian smart home solutions and products have been adopted in middle-to-large scale programs worldwide, and Wulian also pays heed to the communication and cooperation with Internet companies, real estate, household appliance companies, telecom operators and others. Now Wulian has also established cooperation with Huawei to construct œSmart Home Project with the application of Wulian products such as Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Smart Water Leakage Sensor, Door/Window Contact Sensor and others, which aims to reach into 200,000 households. Wulian has also reached into platform and solution sharing with Haier, Midea and Suning.In the CES Asia 2016, Wulian also co-exhibited with cooperating partners; for example, Wulian enabled guests to have a first-hand experience of controlling smart home devices through WeChat, a Chinese version of WhatsApp and developed by Tencent, which was one of the highlights this year, and with a large userbase on WeChat, more and more people will appreciate the convenience and ease of smart home and also enhance user™s experience to a large extent.As the œPromoter in the ZigBee Alliance and also the first board member in Asia, Wulian took part in ZigBee 3.0 Press Conference. ZigBee 3.0 is the unification of ZigBee application standards, and it is easy, reliable, robust, secure and green, providing a single ecosystem for all markets, including Home Building, Retail, Health, Energy and More. Wulian attended the conference as keynote speaker to discuss the actuality and developing trends for Smart Home industry together with representatives from TI, Philips, Midea, etc. After the conference, Wulian also invited Mark Walter, Vice President of strategic development and Victor Berrios, Vice President of technology in the ZigBee Alliance to visit Wulian CES Asia booth, they showed interests in Wulian new product series and Wulian, with other ZigBee members, will work together to promote the popularization of ZigBee 3.0 standards.About Wulian Wulian, professional manufacturer for smart home devices and solutions, started up in 2005 and joined the ZigBee Alliance at ˜Promoter™ level in 2015, as the first Asian member in the Board of Directors. Through years of technology accumulation, Wulian thrived on the IoT industry with more than 200 terminal devices, 55 invention patents and smart home projects worldwide. The current products and solutions cover a wide range including Energy-Efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, and more. Meanwhile, Wulian has also established a whole set of manufacture, R&D specification standards and quality control system for electronic information products. Wulian official website: http://www.wuliangroup.com