Wulian Participates in CeBIT 2016 March 14-18 in Hannover, Germany

Wulian Participates in CeBIT 2016 Wulian, the board member of Zigbee Alliance and one of the professional suppliers for IoT products and solutions, will participate in CeBIT 2016 held from March 14-18 in Hannover, Germany. As more and more families demand for smart home facilities, the development and advancement of IoT technology widely attracts public attention and interest. Data from concerned agency showed that nearly 24 billion IoT devices would be connected to the Internet by the year of 2020. Therefore, IoT has become an increasingly popular feature in CeBIT, and CeBIT 2016 will highlight ˜IoT solutions™ in Hall 13, Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Germany, which focuses on the Internet of Things and the emerging ˜ecosystem™ that embraces a complete array of technologies and business sectors.Through years of technology research and accumulation, Wulian has been dedicating to providing all types of Smart Home devices, sensors, controllers and IoT solutions for various industries. Now, Wulian has grown into a global leading enterprise with achievements in the research and development of IoT sensors, controllers, mobile IoT, Cloud computing and big data. In CeBIT 2016, Wulian will be concentrating on displaying product series based on ZigBee protocols, which aims to enhance the security, convenience and health of modern family. Smart Socket (European Standards) A mobile socket for the European users and it is convenient to view data of power consumption and working status through mobile terminals (smart phone, smart watch, tablets). Users can also turn on/off the power of socket through Smart Home App to save power consumption. It also supports Timing Control and Scene Control in smart home system. Smart Wall Switch (Brazilian Type) It is designed with two parts: the main body and decorative cap. Users can choose their favorite style from a wide selection of decorative caps. Through Remote Control, users can regulate the light intensity of lamps through Smart Home App and realize œseveral switches control one device or one switch controls several devices. In 2015, this product has been awarded the ˜iF DESIGN AWARD™ in Hannover, Germany. Smart Curtain Motor It can open and close the curtain through Linkage and Remote Control, and it can slowly draw the curtains through sensing the tensile force.“Dream Flower” Smart Vase</strong>With its stylish, elegant design and multi-functional features, the “Dream Flower” Smart Vase is the star among Wulian products. Working as a comprehensive environment detector, it provides a stable signal when connected to dual-band WiFi and displays the levels of PM 2.5, CO2, VOC gases and noise by intelligent interaction. Moreover, itsupports voice broadcasting and also boasts 16 million colors lighting. CylincamThe multi-function HD Cylincam enables IR night vision and two-way communication. With a cutting-edge design, it looks smart and can rotate unlimitedly to 720 degrees when taking monitoring videos for your family. Mini GatewayAnother Wulian star is the Mini Gateway, which is the smallest gateway in the Smart Home industry. This delicate tiny device can also function as a night lamp and signal repeater. With a built-in infrared sensor, the gateway can sense body movements and automatically turn on the night lamp function for the user’s convenience. If connected to the doorbell, it can also make voice broadcasting when someone is at your door. For more information, please visit: http://www.wulian.cc/english/or contact: [email protected]