The Alliance Interviews Global Product Manager of Signify

Zigbee is the ideal solution for wireless commercial building applications. Industry leaders continue to look to Zigbee for a reliable, open, and interoperable solution for smart buildings. In this interview, Peter Duine, Global Product Manager at Signify, shares his insights into the future of connected lighting, smart buildings, and the greater IoT. Duine’s decades-long experience with Signify and expertise with connected components inform his opinion that Zigbee plays and will continue to play a pivotal role in smart buildings.

The Alliance & Signify

Duine speaks to the “wild west” of technologies that exist today in the IoT and highlights the reasons why Signify chose Zigbee and the continued benefits the technology brings to Signify and customers, highlighting how interoperability and Zigbee as an open standard are essential to the success of the smart building. He also speaks to the importance of participation in the Zigbee Alliance and how being a member gives Signify the ability to influence and drive the evolution of Zigbee, as well as connecting them to a diverse and global collection of partner companies and ecosystems.

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