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Associate membership is intended only for companies that do not directly design, build, or manufacture IoT products, but instead wish to sell “white labeled” IoT products secured through partnerships with OEM/ODM manufacturers that are certified using Alliance standards and its logos & brands.

Associate members are able to certify “white labeled” products through the Alliance Certification Transfer Program (CTP). The CTP allows Associate members to certify products built by and previously certified by Alliance Participant & Promoter members under the Associate member’s company name. These CTP- approved products may then carry the Alliance’s Certified logo for that standard and the Associate member may sell such certified products under their own company name.

For more information about the CTP, visit:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your company wishes to access completed and approved specifications, or is interested in participation in the development of specifications, please review and consider one of our other membership levels:

There are no annual member dues fees associated with Associate membership. However, there is a one-time fee of $2,500 USD per product, plus an additional $500 USD per year per product (due annually on the anniversary date of the grant of certification). If an Associate upgrades to a paid membership tier, all annual maintenance fees for existing Certification Transfer Program certifications will be waived from the date of upgrade moving forward.

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