Cam Williams

Lead Architect of IoT Connectivity - Cam works with a global team in Schneider Electric that sets policy and provides resources for interoperability across Schneider’s many wireless standards. As an engineer, Cam designed and developed wireless systems using existing tower infrastructures for police cars and electric utility vehicles. He was part of a team at Raytheon that developed the fastest WiFi chips at that time. At Andover Controls he developed architecture for wireless commercial building solutions and standardized BACnet over Zigbee. At Schneider Electric he managed a team that produced reusable stacks and interfaces. On the board of Zigbee (now CSA) Alliance and as the Strategy chair, he championed a protocol agnostic data model standard, and the developer services and tools to support it. Today, as the CSA Data Model WG chair he has developed tools to support a machine consumable specification schema, to eliminate manual specification, code, and test script development. Cam is now evolving the CSA common data model architecture for use over Matter, in his quest to model most anything that needs to communicate to control a home or commercial building.