Michael J. Kirwan

Program Director

Michael joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance team as its Program Director.  With over 25+ years of introspective experience driving international open standards development and certification, he has helped to lead several alliances to success, such as the Bluetooth SIG, Continua Health Alliance, IHE, IEEE and LoRa Alliance. Professionally, he has worked daily with IoT technical standards groups, test & certification groups, regulatory, security, policy groups and thought leaders in open standards worldwide as a staff member, a chair and a devoted key stakeholder. Michael holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina, a BS in Industrial Engineering & Technology from Northwest Missouri State University, is PMP certified and a recognized as a Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) and Continua Certified Expert (CCE) and aspires to be such an expert in Connectivity Standards Alliance in the coming years. Personally, he is a pilot, a magician, a 2nd degree Taekwondo Blackbelt and is passionate in helping people succeed.