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The Alliance offers members the tools needed to manage and submit applications for certification.

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Alliance members receive access to custom software tools, including test tools for pre-certification testing and online tools for completing and submitting certification materials. Our tools are designed to help our members develop, test, and certify products, ensuring compliance to Alliance standards and reducing time-to-market.

Certification Tool

The Certification Tool is an online portal that allows Connectivity Standards Alliance members to manage and submit product certification applications to the Alliance. Applications can be created and saved in a web-based interface, including functionality to upload product images, PICS, and other application documents.

Associate Certification Tool

The Associate Certification Tool allows Associate level members to create, manage, and submit Certification Transfer Program (CTP) applications to the Alliance.

Note: Adopter, Participant, and Promoter level members should use the Certification Tool, NOT the Associate Certification Tool, to enter certification applications (including CTP applications).


A web-based tool to read and write XML PICS documents, the PICS Tool provides a convenient web-based interface to complete documents required as part of the product certification process.


The Zigbee Unified Test Harness (ZUTH) is the official Connectivity Standards Alliance test tool for certification testing. It is used for formal testing by Alliance Authorized Test Laboratories (ATLs) and is also available to all Alliance members for pre-certification testing. The test harness supports test scripts for several Alliance programs, including Zigbee and Green Power. New functionality and scripts are continually added to the tool – please check the latest release information for further details. 

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