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Developing standards and accelerating technology delivery for the IoT should make a positive impact on people’s day-to-day lives. The reach of this work needs to consider broader individual, market, and societal impacts. That’s why, from our work as a group to our work on the world stage, the Connectivity Standards Alliance takes care to engage with our members and the market in ways that support value creation and IoT for the global greater good.


In policy and practice, the Alliance operates with openness, transparency, due process, and consensus on a non-discriminatory basis. We welcome companies into our community who simply want to adopt and certify products as well as those who wish to contribute to the work of standards development. From startups to the largest companies on the planet, we design our organizational structure and processes to level the playing field, giving every member the opportunity to have a voice.

Advocacy and Education

Broad-based and balanced advocacy across the IoT is critical for all businesses in the value chain, as well as for customers and consumers. To provide value that truly benefits all, the Connectivity Standards Alliance takes a holistic approach to balance the needs of everyone in the creation of standards, in cultivation of partnerships and in our role of connecting with policy makers. 

Global Stewardship

As part of a worldwide community, we recognize the importance of rising above localized activity to focus on universal models that help create IoT equity across regions and countries. To contribute to this effort, the Connectivity Standards Alliance is part of the World Economic Forum’s Council on the Connected World. Through this type of global engagement, we can begin to address some of the biggest challenges of our ever-more-connected world and support high-value, global, accessible, and open markets. 

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