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Enabling Market Growth

As the IoT evolves, connected solutions addressing diverse market needs and experiences continue to expand across multiple use cases and industries. Connectivity Standards Alliance is dedicated to simplifying the complex, creating an open path to IoT adoption and innovation, and promoting universal open standards, enabling all objects to securely connect and interact.

Connected Homes

From smart lighting, door locks and thermostats to televisions, window coverings and more – smart homes increase comfort, save money and make life a little easier and more enjoyable. That ease and enjoyment are realized only if these devices are simple to install, seamlessly connect, and are easy to use. Technologies like Matter and Zigbee set the standard for the connected home, making it simple, interoperable, reliable and secure.

Connected Buildings

Smart commercial buildings offer adjustment of lighting, energy consumption, and access based on the who (i.e. landlord vs. tenant vs. guest), when and where of its occupants. Standard protocols like Zigbee and Matter, enable buildings to be connected by design in a way that doesn’t require disparate or complex systems and allows fluid integration of devices and information over IP.

Connected Health

The value of the IoT lies in the connections between people and things. Connected health allows meaningful insights to be gleaned from personal connected devices and can lead to breakthroughs that improve our quality of life.

Innovation flourishes – from hospital to home health monitoring and personal health and wellness – when standardized protocols and a common “language” are coupled with robust security and privacy that ensures adherence to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other international laws of healthcare data management.

Connected Industry

Industry 4.0, the digitization of business, paves the way to rapid change in industry because of increased interconnectivity and smart automation. Business imperatives like instrumenting a factory, improving supply chain and business operations, increasing quality, and reducing costs are met more quickly with smart industry solutions.

Standards-based IoT solutions allow you to move through “pilot purgatory” much faster by leveraging and scaling with proven solutions – full stack or protocol based – backed by a community of developers driving continuous improvement and integration of new use cases.

Connected Retail

The IoT is transforming the retail industry and giving retailers an edge, with real time data that helps connect online and in-store interactions, elevate the customer experience, improve inventory management, and allow on-time replenishment all while helping reduce operational costs. Our standards-based technologies and certified interoperability programs enable retailers to focus on what matters most: deepening their customer relationships.  

Connected Vehicles

The automotive industry is finding more IoT applications every day that are altering the way we interact with our vehicles. Whether it’s connecting cars with smart transport systems, automotive maintenance systems, fleet management, in-vehicle telematics, or autonomous vehicles, standards provide opportunity for collaboration within the automotive value chain to determine common needs and use cases which can speed development for connected vehicle infrastructure and solutions.

Smart City

To address top of mind issues like sustainability and waste reduction, IoT applications for the smart city promise to help connect energy systems and supplies, manage demand and integrate new energy sources (like distributed generation), and making our energy systems more robust, resilient, and responsive. Standards like Zigbee Smart Energy offer a solid foundation and global proof points for connected electric, gas, and water solutions plus a community dedicated to evolving use cases for what’s next in smart city for energy management and public service.

Smart Energy

Smart energy requires interoperable products that monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy, water and gas. As the global ecosystem of product manufacturers and regulators plan to meet the diversity of future energy needs, the Zigbee Smart Energy standard delivers features like commodities metering, demand response, load control and support for pricing programs.

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