Interoperability Testing Facility

Ensuring products pass the interoperability test plan and achieve seamless interoperability in real-world scenarios.

Testing Product Interoperability

Through close collaboration with our Members, we have developed a thorough test plan assessing products within various ecosystem applications to simulate a consumer-oriented experience. At the Alliance Interoperability Testing Facility (“Interop Lab”), each product is tested against all ecosystem participants using a range of Software Operating Systems. This process ensures regardless of the platform hosting the ecosystem app, users benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Why Interoperability Testing?

The Alliance encourages Member companies to submit their products to the Interop Lab for testing as a way of preventing any potential interoperability issues.

Issues identified within the testing environment can often mirror challenges encountered by consumers in the real world.

The goal of testing is to identify and communicate issues to device manufacturers and participant companies, facilitating prompt resolution prior to impacting consumers in the IoT market.

Steps to Submitting a Product for Testing

2. Once the account is approved, sign in and fill out the Interop Lab intake form. Include all required details and additional information for the Lab to test the product.

3. Alliance Staff will review the request and reply if more information is needed. Shipping instructions will be provided. 

Testing Options

Alliance Members may submit a product to the Interop Lab for testing in one of two ways:

  • Send the product to the Interop Lab, where technicians will test the product independently and forward a comprehensive report once testing is complete.
  • Schedule a visit to the Interop Lab and be onsite during product testing.

If you are not a Member, join us today! For additional information on the Interop Lab or becoming a Member of the Alliance, please email [email protected].

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