Awards and Recognition

Each year, CSA members and leaders recognize exceptional contributors, performers, and supporters who forward the mission and work of the Alliance  both within the organization and industry-wide.

CSA-IOT Member Awards, Achievements, and Contribution Recognition"

Annual Awards

Annually, the Alliance Board of Directors recognizes exceptional performance and contributions that forward the mission and work of the Alliance. These annual awards are done at the first member meeting of the calendar year, and reflect contributions from the prior calendar year.

Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award

The Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award is given to outstanding leaders of the Alliance (i.e.: Working Group, Committee, Advisory or Interest Group Chairs or Board members). This award recognizes the volunteer-leaders who are at the heart of the Alliance’s success, and who are deemed by their colleagues to have epitomized the inclusive, fair, productive, and humane manner in which Larry Kohrmann led several initiatives and work items within the Alliance. In honor of Larry, former Senior Distribution Operations Manager at Oncor Electric Delivery, who through his Leadership in the Alliance exhibited these inclusive, collaborative, engaging, measured and calm leadership traits, these individuals have been uniquely impactful and have consistently dedicated their time and leadership to establishing and furthering the Alliance’s success.

Distinguished Fellow

The Distinguished Fellow title is awarded to exceptional individuals who have, over time, provided a major influence on the direction and success of the Alliance and its development. Recipients are recognized as key individuals whose vision and efforts have helped the Alliance membership realize success in the deployment of the technology and have helped guide the industry.

Outstanding Contributor Award

Outstanding Contributor awards are given to individuals who, during the previous year, went above and beyond within the Alliance Working Groups with their contributions throughout the year as well as effectively moving the consensus process forward. Both the quantity and quality of the contributions are taken into consideration.

Circle of Excellence

The Alliance recognizes exceptional contributions from outside the membership, and through industry vision, in reinforcing the Alliance’s mission through the Circle of Excellence award. This award recognizes diligence and vision by individuals or organizations who further the vision of consumer control of device-to-device communications.

Austin 2020
  • Distinguished Fellow Award – Cam Williams, Schneider Electric
  • Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award – Bożena Erdmann, Signify
  • Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award – John E. Osborne II, LEEDARSON
  • Appreciation Award – Jean-Pierre Desbenoit, Schneider Electric
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – David Smith, MMB Networks
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Lourens Koopmans, TÜV Rheinland
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Jason Perreault, Silicon Labs
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Vladimir Stepanchenko, DSR Corporation
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Phil Jamieson, Signify
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Dave Richkas, Microchip
Porto 2019
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Jos Bruins, Neovate representing OSRAM
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Kip Meacham, DSR
Vancouver 2019
  • Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award – Brad Ree, ioXt
  • Distinguished Fellow Award – Leslie Mulder, Exegin
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Chris DeCenzo, Amazon Lab126
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Ezra Hale, Silicon Labs
Athens 2018
  • Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award – David Smith, MMB Networks
  • Distinguished Fellow – Skip Ashton
Shenzhen 2018
  • Ambassador Award – Jun Shou, CSHIA
  • Ambassador Award – Eugene Young (Lumi)
San Diego 2018
  • Kohrmann leadership award – Rob Alexander, Silicon Labs
  • Distinguished Fellow – Ian Winterburn, Landis+Gyr
  • Circle of Excellence Award – Peter Morgan, PA Consulting
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Dr. Arasch Honarbacht, ubisys
Austin 2017
  • Circle of Excellence – Christine Wright
  • Leadership Award – Musa Unmehopa
  • Leadership Award – Cam Williams
  • Leadership Award – Dee Denteneer
  • Leadership Award – Daniel Moneta, MMB Networks
  • Distinguished Fellow Award – Bozena Erdman, Philips/Signify Cologne, Germany
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Bozena Erdman, Philips/Signify
  • Outstanding Contributor Award – Ian Winterburn, Landis+Gyr

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