Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We respect diversity and foster inclusivity in our work and with our members, employees and partners around the world as we work together to develop, deploy and promote standards for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Alliance Committment

The Connectivity Standards Alliance is a global, collaborative community that respects the unique characteristics, skills and experiences of our employees and members. We foster a diverse and inclusive environment by engaging all members to bring their varying views and experiences to our work. Our policies and procedures codify our commitment to openness, transparency, fairness, and balance; and we seek ways to continually improve.

Working Globally. Connecting Locally. 

Enabling responsible, ethical, and sustainable IoT is one of the Connectivity Standards Alliances’ guiding principles. Integral to this principle is our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity with an open and transparent working group structure. As a member-driven organization, the success of the work we deliver is directly tied to the breadth and depth of expertise provided by our members. To promote this level of engagement, we have established both regional interest groups for Europe and China and industry stakeholder groups for companies across the IoT value chain.  These groups give members an opportunity to more closely connect, collaborate as a common constituency and  provide inputs to address any unique and specific needs of the group. Our interest groups also provide localized outreach to and connections with in-region stakeholders.  

Inclusive Language

Language is a powerful communication tool that shapes the way people express themselves and impacts the way people feel, think, and behave. We believe strongly in using language that is respectful, acknowledges diversity and promotes equity. We apply this belief to all of our communications and technical work. To address issues related to technical terms that are offensive and negatively reflect on members of historically marginalized cultural groups, the Connectivity Standards Alliance created and deployed an Inclusive Language Guide, replacing these terms with more inclusive language that still conveys the intended meaning. 

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Concrete Action

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CSA Member Group China

CMGC is a branch of The Alliance formed by members with a focus on promoting Connectivity Standards Alliance technologies in the China market. 

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Europe Interest Group

EUIG offers members active connections with other CSA member companies who share an interest or investment in the European market.

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