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Security in the Internet of Things is a critical priority, and one the Alliance and its members continually work on and evolve as a main component of our standards and consumer protection. We believe security is the “enabler” of the IoT and must address user concerns adequately to protect and safeguard networks, privacy and provide peace of mind when deploying products. The best-laid path is through open and secure methods, and we embrace that approach even more as our organization grows in standards and IoT experiences delivered around the globe.

Concentric Layers of Security

Alliance protocols employ a defense-in-depth principle to provide the most appropriate levels of security and privacy for products using our proven technology. This layered approach ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of communication.

The Alliance membership includes the most qualified and experienced security experts involved in the Internet of Things.

We help develop standards that include:

Device-unique Joining Authentication

Pairwise Privacy and Integrity

Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

Frequency Agility

Device-unique Re-entry Authentication

Network-wide Privacy and Integrity

Impersonation or Replay Attack Prevention

Report Vulnerabilities

Input from both internal and external resources plays a critical role in ensuring the security and overall quality of open standards continually evolves. We welcome vulnerability reporting and feedback from institutes, universities and security professionals.

Report A Vulnerability