AiDot Application for iOS.

By AiDot Inc.

The AiDot app offers seamless integration of various smart devices, such as lights, security systems, and home appliances, into a single platform. Users can conveniently control all their devices from one interface. It also allows for customizable scenes and automation, enabling users to create routines that trigger multiple device actions simultaneously. AiDot prioritizes security and privacy, employing encryption and authentication mechanisms. The app’s user-friendly interface makes smart home control accessible to users of all technical backgrounds.

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Product Details

  • Firmware Version 1.16.0
  • Hardware Version 1.16.0
  • Certificate ID CSA22032SWC60032-M1
  • Certified Date 12/14/2022
  • Vendor ID 0x1396
  • TIS/TRP Tested No