MP-840 K9-90


The MP-840 (pet immune) is a microprocessor-controlled wireless digital PIR detector supported by Home Automation 1.2 panels using ZigBee Home Automation.
The detector’s features are as follows:
• Fresnel and cylindrical lenses with uniform detection sensitivity throughout its operating range, up to 12 meters (39 ft).
• Target Specific Imaging™ (TSI) technology is used for distinction between humans and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85lb).
• The advanced True Motion Recognition™ algorithm (patented) allows distinguishing between the true motion of an intruder and any other disturbances which may cause false alarms.
• No vertical adjustment is needed.
• An on-board motion event jumper determines whether 1 or 2 consecutive motion events trigger an alarm.
• After detection, the detector disarms itself to save battery power. It rearms (reverts to the ready state) if there is no subsequent detection throughout the following 2-minute period.
• Very low current consumption.
• Microprocessor-controlled temperature compensation.
• White light protection.
• Front and back tamper protection.
• Elegantly styled, sturdy case.
• The device support on temperature’s report according to Home Automation 1.2’s panel.