By Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

The QCA4020 is a tri-mode System-on-Chip (SoC) integrating Bluetooth 5, dual-band Wi-Fi and 802.15.4-based technologies, including Zigbee and Thread. It delivers advanced features from the Qualcomm Network IoT Connectivity Platform, including virtually seamless coexistence across technologies with support for HomeKit and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) specifications, as well as support for AWS IoT software development kit (SDK) and for Microsoft Azure IoT Devices SDK to connect with Azure IoT Hub. QCA4020 supports hardware-based security features in a low power, cost-optimized single chip solution offering more flexible product development options for OEMs. In order to help address IoT ecosystem fragmentation and support interoperability, the QCA4020 platform allows various devices from different manufacturers to talk to each other across different wireless standards, protocols and communication frameworks, while connecting to a system network as well as cloud and application services.

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