Qorvo QPG6105 DK Extended Color Light

By Qorvo

Turn-key reference application for a Matter light included in the Qorvo IoT development Kit for QPG6105 and based on Qorvo QPG6105 silicon.
The Qorvo IoT Development Kit for QPG6105 provides a complete solution for building Matter, BLE and Zigbee applications for end devices with minimum application development effort. Besides a simple development environment, it contains example applications and several tools that make development of your IoT product, including Matter connected devices, easy. The development kit consists of a QPG6105 plug-on radio board and a carrier board. The carrier board enables application development and debugging of the radio board. It contains sensors and peripherals for easy demonstration of some of the QPG6105 capabilities. The development kit is the ideal starting point to get familiar with the QPG6105 SW and development tools.
The QPG6105 is a low power communications controller implementing Zigbee, Thread, Matter, Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh protocols. It features the hardware based ConcurrentConnect technology enabling multiple protocols to operate simultaneously, delivering improved capacity and enhanced interoperability with the leading low power standards. Reference designs, including ones for connected lighting are available to reduce time to market for customers.

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Product Details

  • SKU GP17810
  • Firmware Version 1.2.0
  • Hardware Version r1.01
  • Certificate ID CSA240FDMAT42928-24
  • Certified Date 02/21/2024
  • Product ID 0x8005
  • Vendor ID 0x10D0
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No