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Automatic Re-lock time : After a successful code entry and the units unlocks, it will automatically re-lock after 30 seconds
Language Setting Mode : Choosing English(1), Spanish(2), Portuguese(3) or Chinese(4) becomes the default setting for lock’s voices prompts.
Low Battery : When battery power is low, the low battery Warning indicator flashes RED. If battery power is completely lost, use the 9 Volts battery override. To use the 9V battery override apply 9V battery, in either direction to terminals below the touchscreen for backup power option. Wake up the lock and enter your code to unlock the door.

Master Code : The Master code is used for programming and for feature settings. It must be created prior to programming the lock. The Master code will also operate(unlock/lock) the lock.

Tamper Alert : Audible alarm sounds if attempting to forcibly remove outside lock from door.

User code : The User code operates the lock. Maximum number of user codes are 30.
Note : When deleting User code(s), Keypad will display User Number(not code) being deleted.

Volume Setting Mode : The volume setting for code verification is set to High(1) by default; otherwise it can be set to Low(2) or Silent(3) for quiet areas.

Wrong Code Entry Limit : After five(5) unsuccessful attempts at entering a valid code, the unit will shut down and not allow operation.

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Product Details

  • SKU GDM-M3E0B-Y0
  • Firmware Version Ver.7.0
  • Hardware Version PV01
  • Certificate ID ZIG17035ZHA25869-24
  • Certified Date 05/02/2017
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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